Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yes, instead of my dear friend Meagan writing her very first post it's me! Meagan and I actually met through rugby. This sport, it's given us both so much. She is one of my BEST friends. I always have so much fun with her. I am writing to you from Santa Barbara, where we are playing in Nations Cup on Team Canada together. Oh the lovely memories we're making. We are both equally obsessed with Vampire Diaries and newly obsessed with White Collar. Meagan is in every meaning a real gem. She is so chill, so funny, and so beautiful. She's my latin beauty! Kind of like a Jennifer Lopez (booty definitely included), but better!
This blog is hers, it's new, and i'm sure it will go through a TON of changes until she finds something that represents the wonderful kind of person she is. This blog will help me as well, it will keep me informed of her busy little life.
I love Meagan Vestby and I know you will too.